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Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
And Zibenejad and Silfver is far and far away from being soft Euros. Silfver has been going to the net and taking abuse on a nightly basis, he was drafted and projected to be a 3rd liner that would score the garbage goals, he is far from being soft, he will never lay people out but he isnt soft.

Zibenejad has more hits per game than Smith and Neil, lol you watch this guy, he finishes his check everytime he geta the chance.

Dacosta had a bigger hit the other day more than I have seen from Neil, Smith and Greening who are good ole canadian boys.

Another dumb toughness thread with some very subtle racism.
Racism? I doubt someone who things that some European players are soft are racist. That's a stupid & uncalled for statement, it doesn't belong here. There is no need to jump to extreme conclusions just because some ppl disagree with you, it's childish.

Originally Posted by topshelfie View Post
Toughness isn't just a team full of fighters. I think it's taking hits to make plays, winning puck battles and willing to go to the the front of the net or block shots.

Silfverberg won't beat up Colton Orr but he's a better hockey player, blocks shots and goes to the front of the net.

If you think you need fighters, how many did the LA Kings have last year and they won the Cup.
I could be wrong but I believe the LA Kings led all teams in fights either in the season or in the playoffs last yr. As did Annahiem the yr they won, the Bruins the yr they won & the Hawks the yr they won I believe.

Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
Yeah he played 1 good game whixh happened to be hist first NHL home game in front of his family.

He hasnt looked as good since and clearly played over his head in that game, because he didnt come close to matching it in the other ones.
Obviously not a Boro fan. The organization has been hyping Boro since he played up here last yr & he seems to have a future with Ottawa. My guess is it won't be until Phillips is gone but he could be a 7th d until that time. I have watched every game he has played & as a rookie I thought he has played quite well. He has made mistakes but what rookie doesn't. I like the nastiness that he brings, I wish Phillips played with more of a nastiness to his game. He seemed to in one game & played better because of it.

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