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02-11-2013, 03:45 PM
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Pro/advanced scouting.

In the regular season, a club is less likely to make wholesale adjustments against an unorthodox player. No strong reason to adjust, play your game, let the chips fall. Like adjusting to a knuckleball pitcher in baseball, you don't sit there and practice for a week leading up to a just play through it and hope it doesn't effect you in the next game. If you hit him, you hit him...if you don't, well, there's 161 other games coming up...

In the playoffs, goalies are studied hard, weaknesses are exposed by those that can pick them out. When you see a player seven times AND it matters in a big way, now you'll make adjustment to him. The goalie doesn't necessarily have to get better or worse, it's how does he adjust to the adjustment. Adaptability.

If the adjustment cannot be made by the goaltender, the team must adjust to protect him. 2010 Flyers protected Michael Leighton as best they could, but ultimately, he was just too weak. They dragged a sub-NHL goalie to the Finals and ultimately, he gave up the season in the most expected fashion - with a horrendous goal. Some teams are able to protect iffy goalies better than others, as we've especially seen in recent times.

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