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02-11-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Markstrom Rules View Post
I really don't know much about Burakowsky, but he seems to be falling on a lot of lists. If the draft were held today, I'd pick Hartman over him.

If Mantha was similar to the Getzlaf situation in '03, then I'd take Mantha from 8-15. But he's not that good. I think he'll find that he's not going to be anywhere near as successful at the next level if he continues to float and not put in full effort every game. There are a lot of other forwards in this draft who are just as skilled or more skilled as Mantha, some who also offer a similar package of size and braun. I wouldn't hesitate for a second passing on him if one of these other guys was still on the board too.

I think I echo your sentiments on Nihushkin. He has a package of phenomenal physical tools, but there seem to be questions about his hockey sense. Combined with the Russian factor(and I consider flight risk a part of this), he's not very high on my radar(for where we will pick).

I would obviously take Barkov and Drouin over Monahan. Probably Lindholm too. I guess what I'm saying is I hope we end up with a power forward as our first pick. We need more size and grit in our top 6. But for example if we pick #4 and Barkov has just been selected before us, then without a doubt we should take Drouin.
Agree 100% and thats why I started looking at who those guys could be in this draft (not just in the 1st round too). If we are picking around #10 like I think, I'm on board with taking Erne or Gauthier for sure. But there are definitely a few guys that I like also in the late 1st/early 2nd round too that could be solid picks that turn into a power forward type of player for the top 6 (Rychel, Zykov, Horvat, De La Rose). It seems like this is a good yr to be needing to draft that type of player though with what seems like a plethora to choose from.

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