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Originally Posted by Pittsburgh1776 View Post
The adoration of Crosby is nauseating. Crosby struggled in 2008-09 and people were saying he was not a simple player to play with, and didnít make his linemates better like Malkin. How dare anyone criticize Crosby and his conduct. Malkin will always be held to a different standard by the legion of Crosbyís followers. Star wingers have always been tried with Crosby first. Neal was going to be Crosbyís winger, not Malkinís, and I think Bylsma was itching to put Neal with Crosby once Crosby was in the lineup. Even though Crosby is not good on the right side and has no one-timer, Malkin goes to Siberia to the left point where he is a liability and is not able to shoot. Since Crosby likes to play on the half-wall. Bottom line: Malkin is a European and Bylsma is not comfortable coaching him, and many fans are not comfortable with him on the same level they are with 87. When Crosby isnít playing well, it is because timing isnít good. When Malkin isnít playing well, heís a flake with no heart. Malkin is a different player than Crosby. He can put up points without support, to maximize his talent he needs good wingers.
that is one of the reasons why Malkin should not renew his contract with the pens. He thrives under pressure, he also thrives when he is angry, being in a team with a better player (Crosby) sends a signal to his russian brain (I also have a russian brain so I know what it is) that a "better player is out there and he will take care of everything, so I can ****** around and be lazy".

Pens should trade Malkin away imo, that would free up lots of cap space for young talented players. If Malkin wants to unravel his full potential (IF it's there, IF he can be better than last year), then it should not happen with the Pens where he will always be overshadowed by Crosby.

Letting Geno go would be a win/win for everyone.

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