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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
I watched a fair amount of his games last season but haven't seen any of his games this season (other than his scoring clips), nor have I seen his physical condition since last season when he weighed about 170 (e.g. haven't seen him using his strength much on plays-only seen him making assist passes or popping the puck into the net on highlights).

Is he a LOT stronger now? What is his current weight? Is he stronger on the puck? Does he use his additional strength to avoid getting knocked off, and to win more puck battles? Is he getting back better on defence? I imagine that he's quite a bit better than last season due to his added strength, bulk, body maturity and playing experience. The question is, "how much better?". I'm glad to hear that he is nearer to ready than I had expected.
Comparing Jaskin from last year to this year is like comparin two different players. Last season Jaskin was dealing with an aggravating knee injury which hurt his production and development. On top of that , he wasn't playing many minutes in a pro league against men. Dmitri is listed at 6'3" 205lbs but he's likely in the 208-214 range. He has a tremendous dedication to hockey and is usually the first to hit the ice or gym and the last to leave. He's an incredibly hard worker on and off the ice. From what I'm told he's added a significant amount of muscle since arriving in Moncton , hence improving his game on the ice. He's definitely much stronger on the puck. He shields the puck extremely well and is soo physically strong that it makes it very difficult for defenders to knock him off the puck. In fact it's nearly impossible and rarely happens. Secondly , skating used to be a knock but he's done alot of work since overcoming his injury and his foot speed has improved by a mile. His skating is very noticibly better this season.Jaskin isn't a perimeter player whatsoever, he rather go through his opponents. Opponents are often crushed my heavy checks and he dosn't shy away from going into the corners and usually comes out with the puck. He has a nose for the net and drives well. Great shot with amazing accuracy. Gets shots off quick which usually fools goaltenders or dosn't give them the time to react. Sometimes used on the point for the powerplay and likes to use the one-timer. Although a greast shooter who scores nightly , Dmitri is an elite playmaker with good vision. He thinks shoot first for the most part but makes clean crisp passes when neccesary. Positional player who always knows where to be and creates havoc in front of the net since he's soo hard to be moved. Defence hasn't been an issue since arriving , however it has steadily improved since the start of the year. Used to be the first one back to help the defence before the new addition of Philip Danault but he's not a liability. Last year was a tough season for him , career wise, but he made plans to come to a great CHL organization and it's paying off. He is back on track and is steadily improving his game and was the work ethic/skill to make the jump next season. I suspect he'll push for an NHL roster spot as early as next season but will likely have a good season in Peoria and play in the NHL in 2014-2015. Intriguing prospect with a high ceiling. I've mentioned before I see him as a very effective second liner in the NHL. I've seen alot of players come and go. Some dominating at this level and not even recording a single point at the pro level. Dmitri Jaskin is one of those special players that only come around every once and awhile. He's the best player in the QMJHL without a doubt. Yanick Jean(Victoriaville coach) and Patrick Roy have both stated this as well. IMO, he's also a good possibility for CHL MVP. St.Louis got a steal when they selected him in the 2nd round. You guys should be estatic , this guy is a stud.

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