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02-11-2013, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Acquizitor View Post
that is one of the reasons why Malkin should not renew his contract with the pens. He thrives under pressure, he also thrives when he is angry, being in a team with a better player (Crosby) sends a signal to his russian brain (I also have a russian brain so I know what it is) that a "better player is out there and he will take care of everything, so I can ****** around and be lazy".

Pens should trade Malkin away imo, that would free up lots of cap space for young talented players. If Malkin wants to unravel his full potential (IF it's there, IF he can be better than last year), then it should not happen with the Pens where he will always be overshadowed by Crosby.

Letting Geno go would be a win/win for everyone.
Split Geno's salary amongst any other 2 players in the league. You won't come out ahead unless it's an insanely unrealistic pair of guys. Plus you don't trade players away just to make the GM's job easier. Sometimes I think the only reason Malkin comes up as a trade option is so armchair quarterbacks can have more fun playing with cap space on CapGeek.

By the way, all the Penguins organization had to do to avoid all of this was pluck one half decent winger from the draft in the last 5 years who had a development spurt and could play in the top 6, even if he was only going to get 30 points.

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