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It would probably be perfectly fine/acceptable if the top 6 European countries have a home-and-away national team weekend games 5 times a year (approx. Nov 1, Dec 10, Jan 20, March 1, Apr 10)

- and all of those results throughout the year count in when a European Champion is "crowned" each year.

The highest ranked team would start a matchup at home on a Friday night and the return match is then played away on Sunday (as a matinee game, so both teams are back home before Monday).
(- e.g. 1st weekend in Nov.: RUS-NOR / NOR-RUS; FIN-SVK / SVK-FIN; CZE-SWE / SWE-CZE)

CZE-FIN-NOR-RUS-SVK-SWE* are the top 6 ranked EURO teams right now, so they will be starting the Euro Elite Division in the autumn of 2013.

BLR-DEN-FRA-GER-LAT-SUI* is the Tier 2, which will play their matchups accordingly.

The 6th placed team from the Elite Division will be relegated to Tier 2 for 2014/2015 and the Tier 2 winner will be promoted to the Elite for 2014/2015.

The team that finishes last in the Tier 2 would face a home-and-away qualification game in order to avoid relegation from Tier 2.

The huge advantage with this system would be that there's always a home team involved in every game and practically every match has importance.
You don't want to be involved in relegation, so you have to take the early winter national team weekends seriously - and the last weekend is pretty much the final test for the guys that want to be participating in the World Championships.

*in alphabetical order

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