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02-11-2013, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I have NEVER found a way to "cure" crusty palms. Only prevent.

From what I understand, it's the salt in your sweat that causes this, and I haven't found any products on the market that can help. Airing the gloves out right away, optionally using a warm air blower or dryer (like a hunting boot dryer) is the best prevention.

On my old R8's (Nash leather), they were fine until I accidentally left them in the bag overnight. Then crusty. Then got worse. I tried soaking the palms, steaming them, shaving cream, pure lanolin...nothing worked.

So now I have two pairs of Warriors, both have Clarino palms I believe. I rotate them between games, although I do have a week between games so it doesn't matter that much. I also take them out RIGHT AWAY and pull the liners inside out and set it out and spray with Febreze.

The top palm on one of the gloves is a little bit harder now, took about a year and a half. Not that bad.
Diluted vinegar works really well for taking salt stains out of shoes, and would have the added bonus at killing off a bunch of the microbial crap living in the gloves, might be worth a shot.

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