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02-11-2013, 04:34 PM
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On a related note, since MB brought it up recently, I thought I'd mention Craig Patrick's 16 year draft history as the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Let's just look at Round 1, shall we:

Jamie Heward (16th overall) played 394 career games including playing for your Columbus Blue Jackets.

Jaromir Jagr was taken #5 overall.

Markus Naslund was taken 16th overall.

Marty Straka was taken 19th overall.

Stefan Bergkvist was taken at #26 (fail).

Chris Wells was taken at #24 and played 195 games.

Alexei Morozov was taken at #24 overall and played 451 games.

Craig Hiller was taken at #23 (fail).

Robert Dome was taken at #17 (fail).

Milan Kraft was taken at #23 and played 207 games.

Konstantin Koltsov was taken at #18 (fail).

Brooks Orpik was taken at #18.

Colby Armstrong was taken at #21 and has played 450 NHL games.

Ryan Whitney was taken #5 overall and has played 450 NHL games.

Fleury, Malking Crosby (#1, #2, #1).

Take a good look at that list, folks. With the exception of Jagr and the last 4, Patrick wasn't picking in the top 10 and still managed to get some decent NHL contributors and in the case of Orpik, Straka and Naslund, some pretty damn good players. Anyone who wants to run our GM's track records against that, be my guest.

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