Thread: Post-Game Talk: 10-13-1. "A bunch of donkeys on skates"
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02-11-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
People really ****ing are harping on this only 48 games BS.

There are a lot of teams winning a lot and other teams not winning.

Hell, Thanksgiving usually comes at the quarter mark of the season, therefore we've basically hit that now. So I guess 9-12th place should just give up, because after all, they are a massive 3 points behind Toronto who's 5th.
Haha exactly. I know it's a shortened season, but points are points. We are a wopping FIVE POINTS out of the playoffs. If you were 8 points (which is about what it would be in relation to a full season) outside the playoffs 25% through a full season, no one would be panicking. Chill the **** out guys. Imagine, we win the next 2 games. That's 5-8-1. That's still bad but for sure in the running. Then say we go 6-2, boom now you're at .500. Chill out guys. Wait and see what happens the rest of this month. If we continue at this rate we'd be 10-12 points outside the playoffs at the end of this month. If we even just DECREASE the point differential, we're in good shape. So chill the f out.

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