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02-11-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Bruiser View Post
Don't get me wrong, you can't win by just being a tough team. You need high end goal tending and defense, as well as coring depth to win cups. The only reason why I said that you need toughness to win cups is that some posters think that it is a unimportant variable. Winning a cup without toughness is like winning a cup without high end goal tending or defense, or winning without scoring depth. Sure a few teams can do it but they are statistically anomalies, outliers and exceptions to the rule.

Also I don't necessarily agree with some of the other posters that having a tougher team will solve our scoring woes. Making the Senators tougher doesn't address the loss of Spezza. Although having a tougher team may mean that we can out compete the opposition and win games more so on work ethic than on pure skill.

I've been pretty vocal about the teams need to improve toughness since the off season. Toughness is an important variable in winning a Cup. Wanting to improve toughness isn't much different than wanting to improve goal tending, defence or offence all are important for increasing the potential of winning a Cup.

The Senators aren't a soft team, but they also aren't a tough team.
Your definition of tough?

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