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Originally Posted by CoasttoCoast View Post
Wow...take it is easy big dog.
I've seen CPC 3 or 4 times this year. They are looking great, last week, I picked them to finish first. Good for them and all that, but if you think you have number 1 or 2 goaltending in the league, you've drank to much of the cool-aid. In the games I've seen, when CPC has a bad period and the goalies are tested, they have been very beatable, the last Nepean game was a perfect example, but I noticed it all year. Please don't point to GAA, everyone knows if you are on a dominate team with great defense, your GAA will be low. Chris Osgood and the Detroit Red wings come to mind.
Save percentage is normally the best goalie Stat, and probably still is in this league, although with biased volunteers the stats are less dependable, but over the course of the year, it probably evens out. Add to save percentage, your observations and your goalies play-off record and you can make a case for the best goalie. I don't see the top goaltending in CPC.
But I do love the team right now, even a Nepean fan can see the unselfish, disciplined play.
Big Dog?? I am not sure that I have portrayed myself as a BIG DOG since I joined this forum, but I can say that I have not meant to come across that way. I am a fan of the Carleton Place Canadians, of which I make no quams, and proud of it and I am equally proud of the team, players, coaches, volunteers ect.

As you have stated, I was strictly refering to the Pointstreak sight GAA. That was it, that was all. They are 1 & 2. Not making any bold statements, just was stating the facts as I saw them. No, Cool-aid or as it is actually spelled Kool-aid, but plain and simple facts. I never said that individually they are the best goalies in the league ( you assumed that i guess? and you know what they say when you assume something!). Although both kids are very good, I think there are guys in the league that individually are a step above. Say Guerrerio in Hawks or Lane in Kanata. But with that being said neither of them are good enough on their own to keep their respective teams at the top of the league, as both teams are fighting for their playoff lives.

Their GAA is a result of total team play and I have no doubt if you asked both kids, they would say that their success so far this year is in no small part to the players in front of them and the system that they play. I think your statement that they are "Very Beatable" is disrespectful to 2 very very good goaltenders who back stop a very good team. I could equally say that your goalie is the same (in Zawadski) as he has fallen on hard times as of late and has seemingly been supplanted by Mulder for the #1 spot, but I won't stoop to such a level. Both your goalies are very good as well and I send them kudo's for the season and IN Zawadski's case Seasons he has had.

Your bringing up Osgoode, simply shows you yourself have drank to much of the "kool-aid" that Raider Nation has been feeding it's few, but over voiced fans for too long. i am sure Mr. Osgood and the rest of the RedWings would not trade in the Stanley Cup Rings they won or Millions of Dollars they made during his tenure in the pipes for anything. The fact he played in the NHL at all tells me he was of the best 30 or 40 goalies in the world at the time he played and so< unless you are one of the other 39 or so, i doubt you are qualified to speak on the subject.

Regardless, I will stick with my statement, with an addon, so as to not effect your sensitive Nepean ego. We currently have the #1 and # 2 goalies based on GAA and I am happy we have them and not any of the other very good goalies in the league.

I should have known better than to bring up the fact that CP has the best of anything without one of the Raider faithful throwing a hissy fit. My apologies to all those Raiders fans who chose not to jump all over this Candadians fan. I wish all your players the best in their hockey future and I look forward to watching all these kids CP and others in the Playoffs!


Big Dog

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