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02-11-2013, 04:39 PM
Who do you play for?
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
When a team drafts two generational talents, it's mostly a GREAT thing. But one of the negatives to having Sidney Crosby AND Evgeni Malkin on the same team is the (at times) unrealistic expectations that come with it. We're all guilty of having them, and quite frankly it's a by-product of the team that we've built.

In Pittsburgh, there's no "still growing as a coach", as wgknestrick put it. There's no "they were the better team", either. This is Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin's team. These are the New York Yankees of the NHL. If this coach doesn't get it done, you move onto someone else who can. This team doesn't have the time to develop the next Barry Trotz or Lindy Ruff. This isn't Nashville or Buffalo. This team must win, or else there will be changes.

Is it fair? It doesn't matter. We're the Penguins. Crosby's Penguins. Malkin's Penguins. No excuses, just results. That's how it is until the generational talents leave.
I respectfully disagree with this part of the statement. While we have arguably the 2 best players in the world, we also play within the same set of rules as every other team. The Yankees can spend $100mil more than any other team, so they can buy the best players without having to give up something somewhere else.

I would just point out that look at where the "if you can't win the cup now, we will find someone who can" attitude has gotten the Caps. Who knows, maybe Oates will be a great playoff coach....problem is they won't make it to the playoffs, but Budreau's Ducks sure look like they will. I understand your point of wanting to win now....everyone would like to win now. The point is that half of the teams in the league feel as if they have the team to win now, and making a hasty decision based on unreal expectations more often than not will ruin a team, rather than help it.

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