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02-11-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
Ask WSH if they regret blowing up their team and firing their coach.

I don't think Bylsma is the main issue. Firing him may yield temporary relief, but this is still the same core that got Therrien fired. It will happen again. Bylsma is probably the 2nd best coach the Pens have had ever. He has his stupidity with respect to personnel, but so do the Pens as an organization. He still runs a solid theory based game plan. Out shot the other team and play in their zone. Firing Bylsma is much more risk than reward longterm. Shero still has ultimate say over roster personnel.

Pens still seem to not understand that you live and die by 5v5 production. If they followed this rule, they never would've signed Michalek, Adams, Glass, or Asham. Don't even get me started on MAF and their reluctance to bench or trade him. 4th line is and has been a waste of ice time since Talbot left. They NEVER score and only allow goals against. This isn't helping at all. You can't tell me Adams is better than Tangradi / DJ / any warm body in WBS.

Main problem has been a lack of desire to go to the front of the net (in the last 10 games). I constantly see players (especially Crosby) skate right past the front of the net on rushes, or shots. They aren't going to consistently score 5v5 goals without getting their noses dirty in the crease. No 5v5 goals, no winny. My bigger concern with the Pens has been the recent trend of them being out shot in games. You will never field a winning team with a negative team corsi.
I know it's probably an unpopular opinion but I wish we had a guy like Boudreau here. He seems to really get the most out of star players and as a fan the style play he promotes is enjoyable to watch win or lose.

I think he got a raw deal and now they're realizing the grass isnt necessarily greener with the more defensively orientated styles.

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