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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Unfortunately for the 5 year process guys (Lowe said that not Tambo if I recall) very rarely is a team garbage for 5 years and then a contender in year 6. Generally you are garbage for a couple of years, perhaps come close to the playoffs, make the playoffs, perhaps are ready to do some damage.

but there's been improvements made. Yeah they only went up one spot in the standings last season but there were a lot more subtle changes made and the team was much more competitive. This year they've been competitive as well and that's with a lot of players playing below the level they were expected to play. No one is saying a switch is going to magically flip and the team will go from **** to good but the team is already getting better in some aspects, apparently it's just not as fast or obvious as some people want it to be. I think especially with this short season and weird schedule that it's perhaps not the best time to actually judge where a team is in the grand scheme of things.

You will likely write this off as simple excuse making though, which is fine, the people who want results now just want moves made to improve the team no matter what and don't really care for underlying reasons or patience from management, difference of opinion nothing more. The GM of this team is very patient though (to a fault? maybe) so I don't think it's fair to jump on him for not being free wheeling when there is clearly a desire within the organization for that kind of patience.

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