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02-11-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
I don't care where the Leafs finish this year as long as Reimer is doing good.

People do realize that hoping for tanking is essentially hoping that Reimer fails right?

If Reimer fails, we're back at square one in terms of goaltending and #1C.

Reimer continues his play and we have our future goalie and dont have to worry about it.

Plenty of good players picked outside of the top 10. If the Leafs are out of contention, then it's time to sell and finish as low as possible.

Plus, why would Corey Perry/any top UFA for example come to the Leafs if he would be under pressure to help this team make the playoffs? Make the playoffs, get that monkey off our back and UFA's will be more inclined to come.
This is exactly how I feel.
this is not the NBA - you don't hand the Cup to the MVP's team. becoming a regular playoff team means you are a Cup contender. but even if I didn't think we had a chance of winning a series, I'd still want the playoffs.

This is a good summer to have cap space and we have a solid amount (raises to players like Kadri and Kessel going forward will be cancelled out by letting players like Mac and Komi go and replacing them with ELC youth. we have room to spend on new players.) We need players to want to fill it.

I understand why tankers dream about MacKinnon...but I'd gladly take an offensive core of Perry/Getz/Kessel/JVR/Lupul/Grabo/Kadri/Frattin going forward. i would be incredibly excited about that. and I think the odds of it, though under 50%, are better than the odds of us picking top 5 again. (at the very least, there's no reason we can't offer Perry more money than anyone else does. if we're a playoff team and we're bringing him in to be a first-liner, why wouldn't that interest him?)

and I'm certainly not going to hope that 2011-12 Reimer was the 'real' Reimer (or that he gets hurt again.) because as stated in this post, that's what true tanking would require.

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