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Originally Posted by MAINE-IAC View Post
I think his point was that he should not be on the list whether its 9th or 99th.
I wonder if hub would have him on his list?
I don't know what you are smoking with the hatred of the kid. You don't consider him one of the top 100 Bruins of all time?

The people who hate Thornton on this forum are likely the folks who had half Colorado half Boston jerseys and made fun of the Bruins when they sucked and just hopped back on the bandwagon. First game back in Boston Joe got a standing O.

From the day Oates got traded to Savard signing Thornton was the best Bruin. Thats close to 10 years. That includes Allison who was a first liner over him some of those years. Thornton cracks the top 20 greatest all time Bruins. He's somewhere with the Marcottes and McNabs. Of course he doesn't deserve his jersey retired.

O Rielly and Neely (and I guess Hitchman) possibly don't deserve theirs either given the high standards of this organization with these things. It is a speculative tread anyways.

Chara needs 2 of the following: 5 more seasons, another Norris, another Cup to be a lock to be up there.

Bergeron has to remain in the organization for another decade.

The rest are too young.

Thomas belongs up there because he has no affiliation to another team. Because he was dominant for a similar length of time to when Hasek was dominant in a harder era. And because he delivered a Cup as the best player on the team.

You can compare Thomas to Orr in terms of dominance and longevity. You know how hard it is to be able to be compared to the greatest hockey player ever? And he is hardly a lock.

Joe will retire as one of the best players of his generation. He was not a failed #1 pick. He faught just like all our great players. It didn't work out. Sinden/MOC were running stuff his entire time in Boston. No **** he isn't Orr but the guy leaves a legacy of one of the (many) greats who wore the sweater...and like I said from Oates leaving to Savard that era he was the best player (Bourque played another year or two after Oates was traded but besides that it was a dark time in our history and Thornton was a good player.)

Do you know how many good players we have had over the years? Thornton holds an impressive place in Bruins hierarchy.

I found 9 more deserving players than him anyways. If he had put in those 8 years he was here for a team like Phoenix he probably gets retired. For recent Bruins (that most people will remember) I have Thornton slightly behind Oates and just ahead of Samsonov and Allison. No idea why that is a point of contention with some seems common sense to me.

And I don't want to talk about Thornton he left a long time ago. (Back when most of this forum was watching mostly baseball.) Heck, Sturm has been gone for what 3 years now?

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