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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
Fine. Blame Tambo. Fire Tambo tomorrow. Break out the party streamers.

5 minutes after that firing, Craig MacTavish or Kevin Lowe is your new GM, both of which were vilified ruthlessly by fans around here during their tenures as coach and GM respectively for their incompetence and nepotism.

The issues facing this organization are a lot more daunting than the letting go of a lame duck (some would say puppet) GM would fix.
Unfortunately yes, all of it.

Tambo is a figurehead here anyway.

One of the things thats imminently clear in the draft sessions depicted in the Oilers series is how many inputs and how much roundtable must go on here. This isn't even a meeting as much as a convention. I'm shocked actually at how many heads the Oilers involve in these discussions. Very democratic, yes, but also bureaucratic.

When an org is structured like this you wonder how much of the decisions an appointed GM is really making. Right now we have an uber GM, a GM, and an associate GM, probably also a GM in charge of GM's...

If this org is typically slow on the draw, and it is, its because theres a whole lot of chiefs in the house to consult with.

How would they make quick decisions in realtime? I wonder if Tambo even has license and what restrictions to that are defined.

This is an org that has carefully structured methodology and decision making tree for picking guys in the shootout after consultation with deepblue.. This btw being the decision of the goalie coach sitting somewhere analyzing video and not the commanders in chief actually standing on the bench.

This could conceivable lead to situations where a coach knows a player is either feeling it or not feeling it but a decision that is instead made pulled off some observational or stats metric.

Weird decision trees all round in this org. Anyway I digress...

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