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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I think it quite possible that this is seeing what one wants to see. You colorfully wrote all the bolded without saying one concrete thing. Its all superlatives. Both are exhibiting, developing, and making sound defensive plays. Both are also making mistakes.

Its odd indeed after a game in which Gagner made yet another brilliant ownzone, shorthanded play, aggressively pursuing, stripping a puck, and causing the winning goal that we are talking about all his D liability. Did he make mistake on the umberger goal sure, but note that he's consistently in the right areas to make plays. Sometimes its the players that are horribly out of position that get less mention when a GA comes because they're no where to be seen. Not saying on the Umberger play, but just in general.

For the moment Gagner is bad at faceoffs. Somewhat small. Objectively thats what you got. The rest is subjective and with us all to some degree seeing different things. Which is fine.

ps I didn't get back to your last reply to me and you've expressed yourself, as usual, quite well. You write with brilliant nuance.
We all see different things. No doubt about that. But you asked for some concrete stats, so here are a few prior to the game yesterday. And this is with RNH for the most part playing against superior opposition.

GFON/60 at ES

Gagner 2.13
RNH 2.01

RNH 1.6
Gagner 3.41

RNH +.41
Gagner -1.28

Again, I appreciate Sam's offensive abilities. I just see his skillset better utilized on the wing.

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