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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
You cannot send down players on NHL contracts to ECHL without their permission. As one of the leading scorers in St. John's and clearly a player who felt ripped out of his chance to play in NHL, he will never consent to that.

While it is frustrating to see how much he is struggling, and you want to see him battle through and maintain a good attitude. But this is what happens when you don't give players their chance. People can only be nice and patient for so long. This is a guy that has done everything TWO different management staffs have told him for 4 years now, and even had his showcase and was dominant, yet he still does not get the chance he sees many other less deserving people around the league get. How would you feel if this was your livelihood? You have to remember these are people, you can only be "professional" and whatnot for so long.
Lifes unfair Boo hoo ...... The Nhl is not a union workshop where seniority and good attendance guarantees you a job........The Best Players play and that is why they get paid the big bucks.....

A lot of people on this board have a love affair with Machecek and thought he should have recieved a one way contract in the off season.

A lot of people on this board last year were screaming that we did not qualify Stewart and Carolina snapped him up..... ( In hind sight I think Caroline wishes they hadnt done that)

For the record I liked Machercek.... on one of his 1st call up games I think it might have been in Boston he stood up for a teammate and just kicked somebodys a$$. It was probably the best Jets fight last year.

As to him not getting a fair shake.......thats baloney..........its called waivers.....its a mechanism in place that prevents teams from hidding NHL talent in the minor league..... Not 1 of the 30 NHL teams believed that he was better than anybody on their current roster.......

I think the best thing for all involved is to trade him for another AHL player..... a project player in the same boat ....close to the show but not quite there......two players that need a change of scenery.

Same thing for Maxwell as based on their uninspired play this year, they probably wont resign as a RFA in the offseason and will try Europe like Kulda and Festerling did when they believed they would not crack the Nhl lineup