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Originally Posted by bellagiobob View Post
We all see different things. No doubt about that. But you asked for some concrete stats, so here are a few prior to the game yesterday. And this is with RNH for the most part playing against superior opposition.

GFON/60 at ES

Gagner 2.13
RNH 2.01

RNH 1.6
Gagner 3.41

RNH +.41
Gagner -1.28

Again, I appreciate Sam's offensive abilities. I just see his skillset better utilized on the wing.
With all due respect this is silly.

Theres zero validity in posting GFOn/OFF stats at this point. This is a known. These stats have no statistical validity at such limited sample size nor do they correct which players are corelated on the ice.

Everything you stated above is likely explained by one variable. Matched D pairings. The topline has often had the number 1 pair Schultzes on it while the second line has often had Whitney and whatever other dreck. I assure you that would be the salient operative variable right now.

Interestingly this changed yesterday and I welcome it. Nice to see Gagner getting the support of J Schultz and rid of Whitney for at least one game.

Heres a simpler stat but probably more meaningful.

Gagner 13pts

Nuge 5pts (despite that Nuge is playing with the most elite talented players on the club and with J Schultz driving much of the production that the line has)

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