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02-11-2013, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Beatnik View Post
I loved when Price was telling to PK that things really changed: ''We are supervised now...(uncomfortable silence)... that's good'' (translation of a translation)

It's probably my favorite TV show outside series right now.
I think the quote was, "Things have changed around here...", (captioned), "On est bien encadré..." (well surrounded/supported), and after the awkward silence you mentioned as PK was taking a bite of something, PK had a look of considering what Price had just said vis a vis things changing and was like "uhh...yuhahhh!" (like...f yeah, I've notice/I can tell)

pretty funny and cool to see Price in a very mature role rather than, well, when he was younger. So happy we have this guy. (PK too!)

I thought the first episode was unbelievably amazing. The second...meh. They went through every game too quickly, it wasn't well cut and there were constant commercials. 30 minutes is not long enough.

And yeah, I also found that there was no REAL behind the scenes like in 24/7.

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