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02-11-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
How so? I mean, I admit I haven't seem him play much - have you? He seems to show some potential in the M Richards/ Ryan Oreilly elk. Seems like he could be prototype 2nd line C material. IMO Grabo's contract will force his departure sooner or later.

Of course, we're just spitballing here, but if Kadri is also capable of the #2C now and Grabo can't play #1C, then what?

All depends ... if we can get a legit young top-6 game breaker for Grabo & Gunnar, I'd do it.
I don't think Sutter has the offense to be a #2 centre, unless we're dealing Bozak for a #1 centre, I think he could be used throughout the line-up as a good #2, and a really really good #3. Grabovski's contract will be fine for a few more years. We can only hope Kadri pushes him out of his spot. But I think Kadri pushes Bozak down not Grabovski.

If we can get Grabovski + Gunnar for a good centre then yes. But it'd have to be a #1. There's no point of trading Grabovski for another #2 centre or a winger. It's a side-ways move.

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