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Started watching in '85, but the earliest matches I can vividly remember are from early '86.

10. Hulk Hogan - surely he belongs on any top 10 list. Despite probably being the best of all-time, I can't place him too high on my favorite list given his limited wrestling ability.
9. Jake Roberts - incredible in-ring psychology. Versatile wrestler despite limited physical strength. Great promos and interviews.
8. Ravishing Rick Rude - total slimeball. There was very little to like about him (if you were a guy) and he was great at generating heat through his crass addressing of the audience before his matches and kept it going through his body language with sexual overtones. Great body.
7. Rowdy Roddy Piper - incredible personality. His matches tended to be on the short side, but lots of standout upper mid card matches to his credit.
6. The British Bulldogs - set the standard for tag teams that is very hard to live up to even today. I LOVED them as a kid. Such a shame that their career together was cut short with Dynamite Kid's back injury.
5. Dean Ambrose - before you say he's only been in the WWE for a few months, he has well over a year in FCW and NXT. He is a total throwback to the classic 80's character wrestlers and has already cut some of the finest promos (on FCW) that I've ever seen. His matches have been great as well as he is one of the few modern wrestlers I have seen slow down the pace and employ (successful) in-ring psychology. He has a good look as well and could end up higher on my list someday.
4. Randy Savage - not sure where he summoned the idea for his character, but looking back I can't believe how well he pulled it off. His career between '85 and '92 was truly a work of art. He went from a domineering relationship over Elizabeth, to tagging with Hogan, feuding with Hogan and then being mixed up with Sensational Sherry. He was able to control the tone and bring it up, down, faster, slower, etc. with seamless effort.
3. The Million Dollar Man - I can re-watch his promos and skits over-and-over and still get a good laugh. Such a brilliant idea for a heel. He should have been WWF champion if not for an extremely controversial decision by Jack Tunney. His mantra that "everyone has a price" is about the truest statement ever spoken (realized when you get out in the real world).
2. Kurt Angle - honestly, I missed a lot of his early work since that was one of my "lost interest in wrestling" phases, but the things I did see were amazing. I don't even need to explain how amazing he was in the ring. I can't believe he didn't have a stroke from how intense his personality was. I am surprised how well he was able to develop his character and was willing to take things to the extreme both in the ring and in some controversial promo work (the concept of an Olympic gold medalist dissing on the troops and America).
1. Mr. Perfect - there can be only one. He was just the total package. Hard character to actually live up to, but he nailed it. The feud with Hogan and accompanying vignettes is enough to cement a career in and of itself, but he brought so much more to the ring with his ability. He carried himself so well with smug confidence and that ****** smile. His majestic entrance music is also noted.

HM, I really wanted to put Daniel Bryan on this list, but couldn't justify dropping anyone else off the list.

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