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Originally Posted by MrWoof View Post
Think this ends with a confrontation between Daryl and Merle with Daryl having to kill him.

Maybe Merle is, for lack of a better term, a wolf in sheep's clothing. His thought process is erratic to me but perhaps he figured that getting inside the prison and working as an inside man for the Governor and Woodbury was a possibility. His outburst when he called the group a bunch of ******* was perhaps just Merle acting as Merle but it also told me this character has no desire to reform.
No, imho Merle's a wolf in wolf's clothing. He just did what he's always done, survive how he could and to hell with anyone else (except his little bro). His character is what it's always been during the show: racist, psycho, redneck, biker tough guy. He could be kept in line by the Governor, who was bigger, crazier and meaner than he was, but he'd never take orders from or play nice with the Rick Squad, especially not after being left on the roof and forced to lop off his hand to escape zombies.

Originally Posted by Bizarro Bandwagoner View Post
Does anyone really think Daryl isn't coming back eventually? Feels like a bit of a sidequest for him to me. Either his brother will die and he'll come back or he and his brother will save the day during some battle with Woodbury.
They'll have to come back to that. There's no way they can leave the Merle/Darryl side story hanging. They'll both be back at some point, probably when the Woodbury cultists come in force to the prison, and at least one episode cliffhanger will be Darryl wrestling over siding with the Rick Squad and Carol being all lovey-dovey or the Loony Crew with Merle all pleading and fraternal. Gotta be.

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