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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
It's mostly the same crew, in fact the guys that were brought, were mainly to further improve the grind it out style that was taught last year. Do you really think someone like Torts, who preaches system to an absurd extent, is going to change his system, with the majority of the crew being the same as last season? In fact, he's come out and said it's the same system as last season. Pyatt was brought in to be better on the boards than Feds. Halpern is much faster and can forecheck better and get in on the puck on the dump and chase. Powe is basically the same player as prust, minus the fights.

If you think this team is changing it's style, you're in for a rude awakening. They are trying to better accommodate that style to take them to the next level. No team and coach that stays mostly the same, is going to change a system that had them first in the conference and 2 games from the stanley cup the season before.
So you think it's a coincidence that a guy like Miller replaced one of Torts' favorite players? The Rangers will still grind, but they'll be a team that can play either way. When Torts won the cup with the Lightning his team could do both. Torts also wants a better skating team. Getting rid of Rupp for Powe should signal that. He's also more skilled, even though his hands suck. This team is now a skill team. Yes they can grind, but I think they'll be able to play a skill game too. We won't be the Detroit Red Wings, but we also won't be last year's team, or the team we started the season with.

BTW, they got 2 games shy of the SC Finals. They were outskilled by the Devils and would have been even more outskilled by the Kings. I'd argue they got outskilled by the Sens and maybe even the Caps. Do you think Torts' goal is to almost make the finals or to win it all? Why do you think we got Nash?

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