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02-11-2013, 07:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Corncob View Post
Explain how if White had been playing vs the Leafs he would have been on the ice with the Plekanec line.
I'll just say this...when the Leafs DRESS 4-5 nobody GOONS (can't play hockey)...we have to at least dress White (and not just Prust).
Self explanatory.
(White and Prust is all we have right now since Moen and Armstrong are letting White and Prust take over the policemen jobs).

Prevented Pleks from almost being kneed?, prevented this or that...I don't have a crystal ball (you don't either), but I know this...we don't have 4-5 goons like the Bruins and Leafs you don't ****ing sit White during this kind of game where so many GOONS are dressed. What are we? The Montreal Ghandis? I'm actually a I respect Ghandi's historical/incredible legacy, but this is hockey...and as long as the other team is dressing 4-5 goons...we have no choice but to dress what we have for some protection (White, Prust, Moen-still-there?, Armstrong-retired?), team has goons (is the other option). I'm not going to sit here while Pleks and Gorges get injured by nobody GOONS. White may have prevented this or that...maybe not, but you dress him, mother ****ing period.

It was Prust VS 4-5 Goons.
The Leafs won because they played hockey...we were asleep and didn't show up, and then Prust started bullying everyone. As a result of this bullying... I beleive the Leafs decided to give some back and they had many goons to do it.
Leaf goons can't play hockey for their lives (Bruin goons can...some of them), so don't tell me they were dressed for hockey. Imo, if Prust didn't bully some Leaf players...there would be no mess in the end (imo). But you still dress White for a game like case.

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