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02-11-2013, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
Clowney would be my pick. He's a rare rare talent. Once in a decade like talent. Seeing him in a 3-4 lining up opposite a guy like Jones, Moore, or Mingo would be an awesome foundation to any defense. If you could line up two guys like that, no matter who you line up around them, that's got the making of a special defense.

If Kelly goes full blown option, Bridgewater isn't a complete fit. He's a good athlete, not a great one and he's pretty much a pocket passer now. He was a 4.6 guy coming out of high school, but between putting on 40+ pounds and the injuries, he's not quite as explosive. He is a heck of a passer at this point in his career. As much a I don't think Manziel will be a good NFL QB, he would be a great QB in Kelly's hypothetical system. Not to mention Kelly recruited him and he was committed to Oregon before switching to A&M.
Manziel's size scares me in the nfl, plus I think Bridgewater is going to be great. If Chip is as good of a coach as he is made out to be he would find a way to modify his offense for Bridgewater.

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