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Originally Posted by mrwarden View Post
This notion that the team, which in the weeks preceeding BB's firing played to roughly the same winning percentage it did at times during Hunter's reign, was somehow uncontrollably spiraling toward an inevitable last place finish is one of the most mind-boggling.

It wasn't the worst run in BB's tenure, let alone was it assured that the team would have somehow finished last. They were STILL IN PLAYOFF SEEDING at their worst point.

There was nothing miraculous about Hunter's time here.

This team's problem, at it's core, is an identity problem, and it's because the GM doesn't know what kind of team he wants. Without that, you can't hire a coach and acquire players to fit that identity.

Everything else is a symptom of that.

The team may not have been at their very worst statistically, but it was commonly believed that Bruce had 'lost the room' so to speak.

Could they have still made the playoffs? Sure. I'm wagering we can make them this year, too. But as Halpysback notes: 'are you sure enough of this teams ability to bet on them winning the Cup'?

I'd add to that: even if you were given odds, I doubt many would bet.

NOW: I think that in some ways, you and Strung have been validated. I'd expand on this, but I don't want to anger the moderator.

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