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07-07-2006, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by les Habs View Post
Well I saw Arnason play in Chicago last year before he was traded to Ottawa and he sucked big time. Of course anybody can have a bad game, but I would take Ribeiro over him every time. Besides, Mike is a local boy who I'm sure appreciates playing for the Habs (believe it or not) more than Arnason would.

I think the Ribs bashing needs a rest. OK, so he's not worth 1.9 million. So what. There are a ton of guys littered throughout the league who are now overpaid. And Ribs showed some heart last season down the stretch. IMO he stepped it up after Gainey took charge and showed some grit (albeit Ribeiro grit).
Who know, maybe he added some muscles during the summer, what he desesperatly need to survive in the NHL.. Ribs couldnt make Kovalev produce last season, it just didnt work, no complementarity.. He will probably have the chance to center Kovalev again, with a better player than Bulis as other linemate but people wont be patient, his line is better to work cause he will quickly find Zednik on the third line or see the action from the pressbox. I hope Carbo will try Plekanec with Kovalev at some point, Im sure the line would work.

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