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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
It started with someone mentioning potentially signing Getzlaf and Perry in the same breath as the Sedins contracts expiring and hoping they'd take an unrealistic paycut to facilitate having all four players on the roster.

Someone pointed out that such a paycut (~35%) was unrealistic without a major drop off in performance, and as usual that's Pauser's queue to show up, intentionally misinterpret other posters ('If they won't take a 35% paycut we should let them walk for nothing because $12m is too much,' etc) and spend most of the next 40 hours responding to whoever will listen with the same paper-thin rationale he's had for years about why they're not as good as everyone thinks, not worth as much as everyone thinks, etc.

As for your post I don't know if the Sedins would leave the league because they feel underappreciated - to touch on another subject raised a few pages back, the consensus seems to be that they are "unbothered" by what goes on in the media which would make retiring due to a lack of praise pretty curious.

I could see them retiring due to a lack of accountability if they are targeted by cheap shots like the Keith elbow in the future, I suppose - but they seem to me like very driven players and I for one doubt they will retire until either they've accomplished what they want to, they can not longer play the game at a high level or until some injury that threatens one of their post-hockey quality of life comes into play.

Apparently they want to do one year deals from here on out though, so it will probably be an annual discussion for the rest of their career as Canucks.
Agree with this - I could see it happening for pretty much those reasons. At this stage of their career you have to think they'll be thinking about life after hockey too if the reffing standard for those types of cheap shots gets worse.

The mentality that we'll leave it to the league to mete out discipline is no longer justifiable imo. We realistically cannot expect the same standard of officiating come the playoffs given what we've seen happen. No more 'we'll take a cheapshot if it means we get a PP'.

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