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02-11-2013, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Jyroe Habs Fan View Post
This is the main point! The NHL just laughs at the Habs, it goes back farther than than the Chara incident. We have never seen the NHL take help the Habs because we are smurf joke of the league.
We need one bigger mother to finish the business that White and Prust has started.
Just wait to the next beatdown folks.
The only reason there was a beatdown was because we were down often do you think we are going to be in that position....if the answer is: enough times to need a heavyweight than we got waaay bigger problems then just winning fights.

Where do think maclaren, colton orr, and fraser are gonna be by the end of the you really think a team can win when an entire line and more consist of useless ****ing goons....the only reason any of them are even on an NHL team is because it`s toronto.....every year the leafs get off to a great start, and every season they **** the bed halfway through...if not sooner....this year is no different. what do you see in that lineup that is going to make it any different than last year....they still didn;t get a number 1 center. they still didn`t adress their goaltending....phil kessel has been a no show for the majority of it and lupul is injured....they are ****ed beyond belief and once the leafs fans realize they will shut their big dumb ****ing mouths and this loss will be will mean will be a faded memory. god..enough of this ****

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