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Originally Posted by mrwarden View Post
People were claiming he'd lost the room, at various volumes, since the Olympic break two years prior to him being fired.

If your point was "Well they wouldn't have won the cup" I'd counter that they aren't closer now.

If they'd fired McPhee, the team could have rallied around a new vision. They certainly trusted Bruce to coach them there, of the key guys there's no question.

As for now, it's the same issue two coaches later. They still need to fire GMGM to have a direction. So long as 8 is on the team taking up this much salary, any direction needs to start with getting the most out of him, and you build around that. BB did that more than anyone else.

If you don't want that direction, no problem. Fire BB, trade 8, and I'm on board. It's this half-measures ******** which has us spinning tires.
McPhee escaped the noose, and it should have been him instead of BB.

In that, I think you & Strung have been validated.

Dale got em close... but conversely, BB may have been able to, as well.

Fair enough?

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