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Originally Posted by Kirk Muller View Post
I'm not a big fan of Ribeiro but the Habs hardly "blew it". By all accounts, Arnason was a piece of crap. Word gets around fast in the league and that's why he had to sign for near minimum.

Perhaps Bob could have signed Ribeiro for a bit less. In the end, it makes no difference at all.

i know there are many here bashing Arnason as a piece of crap . the guy is the same as ribs period .they both got near identical stats in the same amount of nhl career games

they both got benched in 2005/2006 they both seen the 4th line due to poor play , both went on longgggggg scoring droughts , they both were healthly scratches (*3 times each)

do you honestly think there is 1 other team in the nhl willing to pay Ribeiro 1.9 million ? your not gonna find any except montreal

you claim there's " word" around the leauge and thats why arnson had to sign for the minium? yea right you dont think there any " word" around the league on Ribeiro?


Still needs a lot of work in the defensive zone. Must bulk up, for he is quite undersized by NHL standards. Is still a bit immature.


so where does tsn scouting service get off calling Ribeiro a bit immature.? was that just something they made up or is there " word around the leauge?throw in the fact he's tatoo'ed for life with his acting job against boston. the boston and montreal gm's were not the only guys to see that video tape i can assure you that

ill make you a bet right now if you put Ribeiro today in the open market as a ufa not one team offer's him 1.9 million. not in a million years .my bet would be he would have to sign a contract around 1 million per season on any other team just like tyler .

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