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02-11-2013, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Flames92 View Post
Obviously what I want the most is for this team to make the playoffs. But Im starting to think the odds of that happening are getting slim. With the injuries we got from some of our key players I don't know exactly where this team is going. I grew up as a kid idolizing Iggy and I would hate to see him go.

But if we are out of it I would like to see a rebuild, and for Iggy to win a cup. If I had to choose a team that I would want Iggy to play on it would definitely be the Penguins. Im also a Crosby fan and those two played great together for Canada in 2010. I still think a team like St.Louis would be a better trade partner though given that they have some pretty good prospects that the Flames could very well be interested in. Either way I wish nothing but the best for this guy, I hope that if he does get traded, he wins a cup and comes back to finish his career in Calgary.
Ya the thing is with the shortened season theirs a chance u guys could be just holding onto a playoff spot or be a couple points out that would be a tough situation for your gm to be in. Worst case scenario you guys hold onto your players miss the playoffs loss iggy for nothing and dont get a top 10 pick it would be a tough call. I hope for your guys sake that your either clearly in the playoffs or clearly out.

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