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Originally Posted by Avs_19 View Post
Apparently a fan said something to him so he got up and made a "gun gesture" towards the fan. I don't know what that means exactly but security didn't like it. So they came over, there was a bit of an argument, and he was told to leave. That's what some people from the game reported. After the game LeBron said he heard that Lil Wayne also had a little altercation with Wade during the first half.

He's just a baby. Last year he got mad because he said LeBron and Wade weren't showing him respect and greeting him before the game.
I've come to the conclusion if Lil Wayne is complaining about an NBA team not giving him respect, it must be a day ending in a Y.

As for the Warrior's jerseys, meh. I want to like them but they look like something I've seen before. Tour d'France, rugby, soccer? I don't know, but they just don't seem all that different or interesting.

Speaking of jerseys, remember the gif of the guy waiting for TPrince after the trade?

Apparently a company along with the Grizz arranged for the fan and his family to fly out to Memphis. A nice ending

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