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02-11-2013, 07:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
No, you used knock which means the exact same thing.

Yes this praise is new for him. I had never seen anyone claim before he played those 4 games that he would be one of the best defensemen in the NHL immedietly when he entered the NHL

You don't have to be a homer to talk about a player in positive manner, but you do to say the things that have had Brodin said about him. People are all but saying he's hall of fame bound and a future perenial Norris winner. Way too soon to give him that kind of praise, he's doing great, but on the flip side it's only 8 games. Schenn looked like a number one defensemen early on, praise that he really didn't deserve given his small track record. Wait before you anoint him such an amazing player. He may become one, but he is absolutely not one after 8 games.

You're pretty much telling me that if I don't give him that praise, it means I'm attacking him. Pretty much the only thing I've said on this top is his sample size is far too early to give him this kind of praise. Players have got this kind of praise over much longer streches then Brodin and it doesn't mean they warranted it.

That clearly was not the praise I was talking about. In fact, I actually said this word for word in the post you just quoted.

He's always been praised as an extremely solid defender with amazing positioning, stick-work, decision-making, and hockey IQ all the poise and confidence in the world. This isn't just Wild fans saying this either, it's Swedish Olympians, players that have seen him play, watched him play, and coached him.
Not one word in there about the Hall of Fame or Norris Trophies.

And you have yet to provide an actual reason that he isn't a top pairing defenseman other than the fact that he's only played eight games, despite the fact that he's actually playing on the top pairing, and looking amazing doing so. You haven't pointed out any flaws in his game, you haven't posted any evidence proving otherwise. You've seen (I'm guessing) one of his NHL games (when the Wild played the Stars), and you claim to be an expert on the topic.

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