Thread: News Article: Larry Brooks on the Thomas Trade
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02-11-2013, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Frank, do you understand that if the the club had a normal payroll that was not duct taped and stapled to the cap floor we wouldn't need to do these cheap parlor tricks to find space to trade a body or two if it came to it at the deadline? The move itself is clever. The reason we are in this position is not. They aren't trying to build anything at the moment, just keep it cheap for Wang. Meanwhile Charlie pockets the league revenue paycheck while guys like Tavares have to play with such all star talent as Boyes waiver acquisitions.

And if they are in it they won't add the pieces. This season started half way complete with a 30 way tie and Charles won't let Garth add salary via trade like everyone pretty much knows we need to do.
Everyone has some gripe with there owner... I mean look a couple years ago at us we all hated Dolan. Most of us still do but were being kept at bay by winning. Im sure in the near future Knicks and Rangers fans will be booing Jimmy again.

But as far not adding pay roll before the season started, who would have come?? You didnt have a permanent home before the season started. The previous seasons he damn sure tried he offered Christian Ehrhoff a huge boat load of cash... Do you think he was offering it knowing he wouldnt accept it? I mean thats a pretty big risk No? What if he accepted what would Wang have done if he really couldnt pay him the money.

Before you go killing Charles Wang lets see an offseason post Barclays announcement. If he doesnt even try.. then fine. But Its more likely hes going to want a good team heading into barclays than a bad one and i think they will find there Deron Williams.

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