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Originally Posted by overg View Post
I think they're "scissors." The problem for Dallas was that Detroit was "rock," by virtue of having the most overall success of the three teams during that era. So when people talk about these teams, they typically start with Detroit, who had the most Cups and regular season success. They then move to Colorado, the "paper" to Detroit's rock, who, although they didn't have as much overall success as Detroit, still managed to get the best of them more times than not in head to head contests. It's only then that you get to Dallas, who had success in the head to head against Colorado, but was always kind of a little brother to Detroit (losing their one head to head playoff meeting, and being stocked with former Detroit management who were clearly looking to the "Detroit model" to run things).

Even if everything else stayed the same, if Colorado beats Detroit in '97 (and was thus "rock"), I think you hear more about Dallas (who then becomes paper to Detroit's scissors).
I'm not sure what connection you're talking about regarding Detroit management in Dallas. If anything, the glory days of the Stars were brought about largely by former Habs players/management. Gainey was the coach until he found the replacement he wanted as well as the GM. He built a team that played a different style than Detroit (or Colorado for that matter), and he brought in a few key former Canadiens players to bring his vision to fruition. The identity of those Stars teams were based largely on Gainey's style as a player and things he learned from Bowman during his time in Montreal.

Former Habs players on Stars 98-99 roster:


Unless there's some other aspect of the front office I'm missing I don't see a connection with Detroit whatsoever. And style-wise, if you were to pick another big team of that era that they're close to it would be New Jersey; conversely Detroit and Colorado were similar to one another.

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