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07-07-2006, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by BJG View Post
I've been reading this board for a few years now and this is my first post. I live in New York City, and know how savage New york sports writers can be (and usually are). Yet nobody ever says 'I don't want to play in New York, the media there is mean'. Elite players in all sports long for the attention and big stage. Do you think A-Rod would rather be playing in Kansas City because there would be fewer mics in his face after the game (in fact he wanted desperately to come to NY from Texas to get more exposure). Did Eli Manning ask for a trade after a rough rookie year because his feelings were hurt when he read the New York Post on Monday mornings. I refuse to believe that hockey players, especially Quebecois players, are thinner skinned than many of the prima donnas of the NBA, NFL or MLB. If players want to hide out in Calgary or Nashville because they can't handle the heat in Montreal, then we don't want them.
Why let facts get in the way of an emotionnal response?

OMG! The media are the reason why we didn't sign Elias, Chara and Arnott. Let's bomb Le Journal de Montréal and TQS!!! DDO forever!!!!1111

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