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12-17-2003, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by jl.roberts
I can not stand these people. How any knowledable hockey mind can degrade Koivu and praise Ribeiro is beyond me. I'd almost like BG to deal Koivu and keep Chicken Ribs as the #1, just so that we can all laugh in Michel Bergeron's face.

I'm seriously considering creating a webpage devoted entirely to the stupidity of Michael Bergeron. Koivu #2 centreman? Okay, who's #1? Certainly not Ribeiro. Must be Joe Juneau or Patrick Poulin.
you didn't read that

Have you guys actually watched the show????

Bergeron said that both guys are 2nd lines C, so what'S the problems?
HE NEVER said that Ribiero was better.As Peca, Koivu would be 2nd on most NHL team. It's a question of perception.

Among the 5 guys, he was the less entousiam about the rumor... Why only blame him????

And why is it impossible for a francophone to say anything bad about KOivu without being labelled as racist???

They did'nt even say a single word about Ribiero!!!jezzzz..

this is not a Koivu agains Ribiero thing.. Everyone know Ribs have no value that's why he won't ever be include in rumors.

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