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07-07-2006, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
Perezhogin posted 9 goals in very limited action last season...I don't think it's a stretch to think he can hit 15-20 goals. I think Plekanec is quite underrated around here. I believe he has the skillset nessecary to excel in this "new" NHL. Of course alot of our success will depend on the health of our team (like most teams around the league). It would obviously be nice to get 82 games out of Saku, but lets not kid ourselves...

I really think the Olympics were a bad thing for our team last year. When they were finished Koivu and Markov were clearly different players and were nowhere near as effective.

I'm not really sure what expectations I have for the upcoming season. It's only July so lots can happen between now and then. I certainly expect some player movement, but I'm not sure what yet. I personally like the direction the team is heading and I feel like we have a very solid group developing nicely.
Yes but Perez put those 9 goals up for us last year. Not on some other team. That means that for him to cut into the loss of goal production he needs to put up 9 goals even before he starts chipping away at the 36. 15 to 20 goals would be nice in terms of his development but on a team level it makes very little difference.

I agree with the Olympics... especially with regards to Markov.

I just know that if this team doesn't make one big roster move from now until a few weeks before training camp, that we're going to be in the same miserable position come march next year... basically ripping our hair out because we need every last game to clinch the last or before last seed for the playoffs. Gainey is just clueless now that he cap is in place.

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