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Originally Posted by Gone View Post
For the 1,000 th time, KLowe is the problem ... Tambo is an idiot puppet put in place to take the fall for his incompetence. KLowe's arrogance led to the downfall of the organization, and it started with his demand that Comrie pay back his signing bonus. This emotion response negated the trade:

Comrie for Perry, McDonald and a 1st.

The message was KLowe would sewer the organization just to satisfy a personal vendetta. That message was read loud and clear by players and agents league wide. This poison remains with the team today.

Fire KLowe and his puppet Tambo ... both need to go!
I have posted these exact words a couple times but were stuck with this guy (Lowe). Lowe's emotion and inexperience got the best of him, I'm still hoping he has learned over the years as he's a smart guy that just has a passion to win at all costs.

Lowe's compeditive nature does not make for a good G.M. as ya need to build relationships around the league for trades etc..

Notice how well Lowe did as a Coach ? that's where he should have stayed...

We never had problems attraction Free agents when Sather was G.M. (aside from money problems).

We need a shrewd G.M. that's smart and patient.

I'm not giving up on these guys yet (Lowe/Tambo) but this is the last few weeks of my patience. If they can't fill some needs and make the playoffs, clean house.

For all the posters and thier so called 5 year plan, Tambo said the rebuild was over after he picked RNH. He said it at the draft on the exit interview. Things change and it's O.K. to deviate from a plan as it's only a plan. A GOOD plan at that but TIMES UP fella's....

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