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02-11-2013, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
The problem is, they run the risk of being overshadowed by "OMG NEW CONSOLES" which is why they really need to bring jaw dropping experiences. Because they will certainly be inferior graphically, they need to hook people in with their classic (or maybe even new) franchises in HD and show people why they should care.
Define jaw dropping experiences, because I think that too many people will be busy fawning over better graphics to care about a "different experience." At this point, you know what you're going to get from Nintendo. You will get another Zelda. You'll get 2d and 3d mario. You'll likely be getting a Metroid. And then a hodge podge of other titles from Kirby to Yoshi, Star Fox to DK. And there will be a slew of people who look at it, and regardless of the experience, will just slam them as "kid games" and play whatever version of Halo just came out.

Sorry, a bit rantish, but I'm not sure where people set their expectations with this. Look at the launch titles for the 360 and PS3. They weren't loaded, and having a heavy rotation of ports probably gives the U more quality games out of the gate than either of those other two consoles.

As for the future, I keep hoping that they follow up on what they've done with Bayonetta 2. Go out and buy the Darksiders IP and make DS3 as an exclusive. Look for games that want to be made, that have a bit of a following, but can't find any money... and throw money at them.

Nintendo talks about developers needing to learn to use the hardware...make them. Pay them to do it. Nintendo needs to be insanely more pro-active at some point.

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