Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Flyers @ Jets - Feb 12 7PM
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02-11-2013, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
OK, let's have some fun here...
So, all of a sudden Reims is injured and it looks he might be out for a while...for most of the rest of the season, or longer if it's an MCL tear or ACL...just as Leafs Nation is intoxicated with the prospect of a winning season.
As panic sets in, they start to look desperately for a starting NHL goaltender, any bona fide starter, to keep their Cup hopes alive, and settle on someone with big-league skill, despite his so-so stats and an unjustifiably hefty contract? This is the year for the Leafs, it is their destiny. They know it'll cost them big-time, but they can't wait any longer.
Follow my drift?
Hint: It's not Luongo.
Then the team that trades this goalie to the Leafs ends up getting a poor return for a goalie with sub-par numbers (in 10 games, it bears saying) on a long contract, effectively selling at the lowest point possible, and is stuck with a former 1st round pick who couldn't keep the starting job in a mess of a team, and an unproven backup, and have multiple bottom 5 finishes.

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