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02-11-2013, 09:47 PM
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Please fire Cappy, I have been saying it since last season. The guy shows absolutely no fire and it reflects in how this team plays our third periods. I hate to use him as an example because I am not a huge fan of the guy, but John Tortorella would not settle with the ******** that this team pulls in the third period. We NEED a tougher coach who is going to discipline these guys. Doug friggen Weight, who has never coached in his life, shows more fire in one badly reffed game than Capuano has in his entire coaching stint.

Also, the decisions that Cappy makes are absolutely mind boggling. He never knows when to use his timeout (tonight was actually an exception, he used it at the right time IMO), he does not know the proper time to pull a goalie, and his system is pretty much non-existent.

What about Thompson? He seems like he'd be a hard ass coach who would drill the defensive side of the game into these ****ers brains.

Another early season losing skid, something needs to happen. I'm not saying it will be a cure all for this team or that it will even make a huge difference, but IMO Cappy is clearly a HORRIBLE coach and that should be enough of a reason to can him. Saying our owner/GM/roster sucks does not dismiss the fact that Cappy is absolutely clueless.

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