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02-11-2013, 10:47 PM
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This is a reply from the former habs lighting discussion topic.

But also a general statement too all negative, nay-say'er, habs will lose lets get another draft pick people.

Where's the passion gone?

Why would you hope to loose a season? For a pick?
This forum makes me sad. Where's the optimism where's the winning mentality.

habs will win this game.

Don't you understand that winning a season would be far more valuable to a team then tanking a season for a single draft pick????? When you win a season first place in the eastern conference guess what happens?????? We don't get young un-proven prospect. BUT GUESS WHAT! All of a sudden every team in the league wants to trade for people like desharnais, armstrong, white, cole, bourque, eller, moen, gionta. DON'T YOU SEE?!!? When you win IT DOES FAR MORE for your team than loosing! Your overall player value goes way up!The club reputation goes up. right now the players I listed are worth peanuts. If we WIN they are worth gold. stop the tanking mentality please people. please.

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