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Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
Initial response : really not ten tries. After all, discounting Hertl and Coyle is only fair since it is too early to tell.

Hannan in 97 - hit
Cheechoo (would be a first round pick today) in 98 - hit
Jillson (kind of) - bust
Goc - middling-to-hit; certainly his performance outside of SJ would suggest this
Morris - Injury problems; I give Burke a pass here
Bernier - middling
Kaspar - bust
Wishart - bust
Petrecki - bust
Coyle - too early to tell
Hertl - too early to tell

So of the 9 selections (as I have included Cheechoo), he has Hannan and Cheechoo as strong hits, Bernier and Goc as moderate hits, and Jillson, Kaspar, Wishart, and Petrecki as the busts.

Actually, that isn't a very encouraging record. Mostly, because the majority of busts have come in the most recent picks. This points to an organizational ideolgical mistake. I can point out Kaspar (size) and Wishart/Petrecki (defensive defensemen with size are never ideal first-round-picks). Even Bernier is not that great considering he was picked in a very strong draft class...
Cheechoo does not count as a hit for a mid-to-late first because he was a 2nd round pick. The reason why you can't make the argument that he would be a first round pick and a hit for the Sharks is because if he was a 1st round pick, it wasn't going to be the Sharks picking him. He simply doesn't count.

Goc is a miss for the expectations of this particular area. First round picks that convert should be top six forwards or top four d-men. Otherwise, your expectation levels of these picks are too low. Goc is a bust in this regard but he had a lot more promise than most gave him credit for and the Joe Thornton trade essentially killed that hope.

Morris was an injury-riddled player even before the Sharks picked him but they took that chance and it burned them. There's no pass for that to me.

Bernier is a 4th liner. A failure for his expectations which was a top line power forward at his best and more realistically a 2nd line power forward like Clowe but that was a bust.

As for Coyle, it is too early to tell on the whole of it but from the Sharks' perspective, it's a waste as he is gone now. His bust or boom status is not one you can credit the Sharks for anymore because they aren't developing him.

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