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Originally Posted by AndyPipkin View Post
If he's got at least a portion of the kind of work ethic Hansen has, he'll be great.
Jensen is a bigger talent for sure and a pure goal scorer, but not many players have the same work ethic as Hansen, so I'll reserve judgment on that one. They really are two very different players and shouldn't be compared to each other based on nationality alone...

IMHO, Jensen was a huge disappointment in the OGQ. His decision making was slow and even though he played 'with blinders on' he didn't shoot the puck very often. Now, pretty much every player on the team was disappointing, so I don't want to single out Jensen in that respect. Also, rumour has it, Jensen was nagged by injury.

I also think Jensen is the kind of player who raises his game with better linemates. When he doesn't trust his linemates to be at least at his own level, he tries to do too much himself and it hardly ever works. Give him a good setup guy and tell him to just focus on getting open and shoot, I think he could be a really good player in the NHL. Still, he does display some worrying traits that I hope can be - and must be - fixed if he wants to have success in the NHL.

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