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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
Quibble on Bernier. He would rate out as a 4th liner (not a reserve) which is below the average on a converted pick for that part of the draft. Jillson rates out as a reserve, a bust. Goc is almost exactly average for that part of the draft for a converted pick. Hannan would rate out as a #3 although he had a short stint as a #2 dman, #4 is average for a converted dman. So Hannan was an absolute win. Pickles is sitting on the #2/#3 fence also. Cheech rates out as a second liner, another win. I used 3 years of best production to get the ratings to eliminate one-year wonders.

I agree on it being way too soon on Hertl and Coyle. Coyle is a good chance to get a shoulda/coulda because Etem was the very next pick. A couple more years for that shoulda/coulda. Mitera was a good shoulda/coulda for Wishart, second pick after. In both cases, similar players and good for org comparisions. On Wishart/Mitera, it is double bust.

Not even close to the best. They may lack picks, but they are losing ground in quantity. In the study I did from 91-03, they made out on quantity as nearly top rated (top 3) but were a bit behind on
quality (Detroit #1 by a mile). When I say quality, that is level of skill per converted pick. Quantity was just the total number of picks converted. I also analyzed by weighting pick position and number of picks and total skill selected. The Sharks were between 5 and 10, but that included 3 guys who became starting goalies. See above about evaluating. I agree with Sry10 that it is way too soon on Hertl and Coyle.
91-03 is meaingless in the context of my posts, which I have repeated and repeated. They are getting better, and that is all that matters to me, where they are now, not in 03.

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